Types Of Home Insulation Grants In U.K

There are different types of insulation grants available for U.K. residents who want to improve home insulation and lower energy costs such as heating costs in their homes.

Although the qualification for these home insulation grants changes regularly and is complicated, they are the best way to fund home insulation, which can be expensive for most homes. To apply, you will need to fill a form on the U.K. grants website and an assessor will check if you qualify for the type of home insulation grant applied for.

Below is an explanation of the type of home insulation grants and what is required of you:

1. Loft home insulation grants: These types of grants are given in order to insulate the loft area to a depth of 270 mm between the joists and above, now that it is discovered that UK homes lose about 25 percent of total heat loss.

This grant will help you insulate the roof space so heat does not escape through the roof. Of course, with modern technology, you can also use that space for purposes of storage. An average detached home in the U.K. will save about annual saving of £250 if such a home insulation solution is installed for  e.g Loft Insulation grants.

In addition to installing the insulation to the loft, you are required to ensure meeting the Building Regulations standards and using of lagging to the cold water tanks and pipes at no cost. The latter prevents bursting of pipes and tanks especially during the cold weather. You, therefore, must use services of an experienced installer.

2. Room in roof insulation grants: These types of home insulation grants are offered to those whose attic is accessed by a fixed staircase (not a ladder).

These types of grants are offered as part of the new Energy Companies Obligation scheme. They enable you to insulate all loft rooms to current building regulations and with the latest materials. They enable you to use the latest insulation methods and techniques to insulate older houses built with room in roofs or loft spaces and where adequate insulation was not done up to current building codes or know about how to Reduce electric bill?

3. Cavity wall insulation grants: 35 percent of all heat lost from UK homes goes through external walls, it is now known. The type of grant is directed to homes whose walls have cavity between them, which is common for homes built in 1920s. An insulating material is injected between the walls and in the cavity to prevent the loss of heat.

Cavity wall insulation grants and free cavity wall insulation can help to insulate the space in between walls with foam or beads. The pattern of the bricks or the thickness of the wall will tell you whether your house has a wall cavity.

Of course, it is recommended that those who are looking for free cavity wall insulation should check whether there is any cavity in between your walls before applying for the cavity wall insulation grants. The wall is likely to have a cavity if the bricks are oblong and laid end-to-end (you can check for that if the wall bricks are exposed) or if the wall is 260 mm thick or more.


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